Dyon Kreffer

Hi  welcome to my portfolio! My name is Dyon Kreffer, I am a third-year programming student studing International Game Architecture and Design at Breda University of Applied Science, formerly known as NHTV.

I am an AI programmer with interest in machine learning in videogames, this also what I am specializing in during my study.



School projects

Captain Starshot


Supreme engine

Personal projects

Coursera deep learning specialization

As a personal project I wanted to complete the Coursera deep learning specialization.

This is something that has learned me a lot about deep learning and its applications while also giving a lot of techinal insight

Learn more at Deep learning Course


Programming languages


Management Applications

Source Controll

Editing Applications

Game Engines

About me

Who am I

During my study I have experienced a broad variety of aspects of game development but for me AI development is where my passion lies.

I am invested in machine learning due to the broad spectrum of fields It can be applied to and the capabilities it has.

In my freetime I enjoy weightlifting and animal husbandry and exotic pets, with a special passion for snakes.

Myers Briggs Personality Type


Very dedicated and warm protectors, always ready to defend their loved ones.

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  • Supportive
  • Reliable and Patient
  • Imaginative and Observant
  • Enthusiastic
  • Loyal and Hard-Working
  • Good Practical Skills


  • Humble and Shy
  • Take Things Too Personally 
  • Repress Their Feelings 
  • Overload Themselves
  • Reluctant to Change 
  • Too Altruistic

Complete finisher

Most effectively used at the end of tasks to polish and scrutinise the work for errors, subjecting it to the highest standards of quality control.


Painstaking, conscientious, anxious. Searches out errors. Polishes and perfects.

Allowable weaknesses:

Can be inclined to worry unduly, and reluctant to delegate.

Don’t be surprised to find that:

They could be accused of taking their perfectionism to extremes.

Belbin team roles

A team is not a bunch of people with job titles, but a congregation of individuals, each of whom has a role which is understood by other members.

Research showed that the most successful teams were made up of a diverse mix of behaviours.

These results can be catagorized in multible personality types.

Here is the result of my test!

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Monitor evaluator

Provides a logical eye, making impartial judgements where required and weighs up the team’s options in a dispassionate way.


Sober, strategic and discerning. Sees all options and judges accurately.

Allowable weaknesses:

Sometimes lacks the drive and ability to inspire others and can be overly critical.

Don’t be surprised to find that:

They could be slow to come to decisions.


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